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Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Locals Update and Q&A for November 2022

Hey Everyone,

Today I'm sharing an update and some Q&A in this "Locals only" video.


What's New At School?

Hey all,

Here's an update I just did for my training website, #TheAutomationSchool:

Rockwell Automation Remote Access Solutions (P107)

Oliver Haya presents Remote Access Solutions from Rockwell Automation on Episode 107 of The Automation Podcast.


Today News: Siemens adds IoT SiteWise, Honeywell’s New Hydrogen Gas Meter, Moxa's Private 5G, UR20 Cobots, Emerson’s TopWorx DVR Switchbox, Balluff's CIP Safety IO, Banner's M8 & M12, Amphenol's USB-C, New CompactLogix Course, ABB’s New IRB930 SCARA Robot and No-code Robot Programming, Copia on Scalable PLC Programming, Banner on What Makes Radar Sensors Excel, Schneider on Cybersecurity, Global American on Intel Codenames, PTC on Manufacturing Throughput, Exida on Pragmatic Cybersecurity, TAB's Free CompactLogix Guide, Kuka's Apple Harvester and more in this episode of the #AutomationMorningShow for November 28, 2023:

Note: Next Episode is planned for Thursday, 11-30

#Automation #Manufacturing #News

post photo preview

In case you missed it: This week my guest is John Gardner of #CNCBroachTool and #ManufactureLocal, and he shares some inspiring industry artwork while discussing the state of #Manufacturing in this episode of #TheAutomationPodcast:

Happy Friday everyone. I'm working on a Logix5 to Logix5000 migration and for Every Input/Output address there is a migration PCE with error/warning message 201 "Migration of this IO module is not supported by the migration tool". I looked up the PCE module in the Help menu and it doesn't list a 201 error. Here is a snap shot for example.

post photo preview
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