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While I've enjoyed interacting with our audience via social media and the forums over the last several years, as the audience has grown it become difficult to try to reply to all the questions and messages that come in.

So with that in mind I've decided to move all our Q & A discussions and Insider Updates to, which essentially replaces our forums, social media, and patron pages.

And as of January 2021 it will be the one place I'll be visiting each day to answer questions from our readers at, as well as from our audience of The Automation Show, Podcast, Minute, and Tech Tips.

That in mind I invite you to sign-up and become part of our community today!


Shawn Tierney,
Author of The Automation Blog and host of
The Automation Show, Podcast, Minute, and Tech Tips.
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Please post any technical questions right here in our community - if it's a product I know I'll definitely help out! - Shawn

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Mid-week musings: What's on the calendar for the next few weeks
Last night I taught my final session of Logix Live, and while I enjoyed teaching it, it will be nice to have my Tuesday nights back!

That said, next on my list is editing the replay from last nights class, and then publishing it along with the RSLogix/Studio 5000 files from the session. Then I need to create a completion certificate and the course will be complete.

I also recently decided to give my Logix Live students a free copy of my PAC Basics Extended course, and vice versa - I cover pretty much the same topics in each and I thought it would be a cool "thank you" to all my students of my most expensive course :-)

Along with that, I'm also I'm working on creating the secure USBs for my first two Mega Bundle orders with USBs and I'm very glad to have completed the long process of creating all of the HTML files needed for each of my 8 courses PLUS three of my bundles.

Currently, my Mega Bundle takes up three 64GB USBs, and encrypting each takes a good bit of time. If my ...
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Mastering Logix Applications™
Something I'm been working on for the last couple of weeks that I can't wait to share on the Blog and School is the affordable ControlLogix and RSLogix 5000 simulator we're going to start selling next week.

While it's been for sale by the developer for a few years, new customers who purchase it from my site will also be getting my brand new course, "Mastering Logix Applications" using this simulator included free of charge.

And for those who purchased the PLCLogix simulator already, I'm going to offer my new course as a standalone option for just $29.99 for a limited time :-)


Shawn Tierney
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