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Work on The Automation Blog continues - next up: Video Migration

Hey everyone,

Thought I'd stop by and share a little about the continued work on the new (TAB) website/

One of my goals for the updated version of TAB was to replace all the YouTube videos with Vimeo videos, and last on the list are episodes of The Automation Minute (TAM) (the Show and Podcast are already done ;-)

While watching videos on YouTube is great, on TAB I wanted visitors to have a better, commercial-free viewing experience, so on and off this week I've been slowly going through Seasons 1 - 4 of TAM replacing the YouTube embeds with Vimeo embeds.

It's a long process that requires opening and editing about 250 TAM posts on TAB, and replacing the old code with new code from Vimeo.

There's also some code cleanup I have to do on TAB and videos settings I have to modify on Vimeo, making it long and repetitive work, but easy to do after hours when I'm bored lol!

So far I've finished 68 videos in Season 1, and 27 in Season 2, leaving about 150 left to do.

If you're curious who it looks, I drop in a links below:

Hopefully I'll finish them over the next few days, after which I need to work on the store connection to Printful to see if I can get that up and running again.

Do this has really be just filler work here and there as most of my time is being split between creating new videos for TAB, and working on the website update for The Automation School.

And that's about it for what's happening this afternoon at Insights In Automation :-)

Hope you all have a great weekend!


Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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Hey all,

Here's an update I just did for my training website, #TheAutomationSchool:

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