Lowest Cost SW Option PLC-5, SLC-500, MicroLogix: -> RSLogix Micro Lite Cost - Free While RSLogix Micro Lite only supports the MicroLogix 1000 and 1100, learning with it will also help you learn how to use RSLogix 5 and 500. CompactLogix, ControlLogix: -> Studio5000 Mini Cost ~$800, 30 Day Demo Available, 7 Day Grace period While there's no free version of Studio 5000, you're local distributor can get you a 30 day trial license to use. And installing the software on a new PC or VM will net you a 7 day grace period trial. Keep in mind the Mini is Ladder only for the Compact only, so if you're asking for a 30 day trial, ask for either Lite (Compact) or Full (Compact and Control) editions to try out. Micro800: -> CCW Cost: Free While not the most popular PLC, the Micro800 does support Ladder, Function Block, and Structured Text, so it's a good all around option for learning on since the Micro810 and 820 PLC is so inexpensive. S7-1200: -> TIA Portal 21 Day demo The S7-1200 is the small PLC from Siemens which programs nearly identically to the larger S7-1500, and the good news is anyone can download a 21 day demo copy of the software free of charge right from Siemens website. Well, that's what I have so far on this topic - if you have any suggestions or comments I invite you to post them below! Sincerely, Shawn">
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