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PLC Book Reviews

Good morning Locals!

Late last week I decided to start reviewing books on Amazon on PLCs.

Why? Well, even though I've been at this since 1990, I'm very aware of the fact that I will never know everything, and that there will always be more to learn :-)

And I figured seven years after my initial kickstarter to create my first course, PLC Basics, it was time to broaden my horizons and see how PLC Book authors are teaching the masses about programmable controllers.

The first set of books I'm going to review are books free with Kindle Unlimited, since I already had an subscription as I'm a huge consumer of Space Opera and litRPG ebooks.

If all goes as planned, I'll have my first review up today on "Introduction to Programmable Logix Controllers and Ladder Logic" by Nule & Vishwakarma (link

In short, for $3 (or free with Kindle Unlimited) it does a good job of providing a no-nonsense introduction to PLCs, but has two flaws:

  • Needs an editorial ...
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Book sale now live!

Check it out at

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Hope all is well had a quick question for you maybe you can help me with? I just built a new trainer compact logix 5069-L306ER I am having issues with the output card im not sure what im missing. I have all the inputs wired up they are just 4-2position switches those are working however when I program them to my outputs im not getting any voltage on the output at the card and my lights not coming on obviously. I have 1 output going to each side of the light and then I have a dc- going to the other side of the light. I attached some pictures on here for you.

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