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Mid-week musings: What's on the calendar for the next few weeks

Last night I taught my final session of Logix Live, and while I enjoyed teaching it, it will be nice to have my Tuesday nights back!

That said, next on my list is editing the replay from last nights class, and then publishing it along with the RSLogix/Studio 5000 files from the session. Then I need to create a completion certificate and the course will be complete.

I also recently decided to give my Logix Live students a free copy of my PAC Basics Extended course, and vice versa - I cover pretty much the same topics in each and I thought it would be a cool "thank you" to all my students of my most expensive course :-)

Along with that, I'm also I'm working on creating the secure USBs for my first two Mega Bundle orders with USBs and I'm very glad to have completed the long process of creating all of the HTML files needed for each of my 8 courses PLUS three of my bundles.

Currently, my Mega Bundle takes up three 64GB USBs, and encrypting each takes a good bit of time. If my courses on USBs take off, I need to look at making them in batches ahead of time.

Next on my list it creating the AMA (ask me anything) lessons for my upcoming SLC-500 and PLC-5 courses - I've already sold a couple of pre-orders on them (currently 70% off) so I want to be sure these new students can start submitting questions asap.

And then my biggest hope for the week is to film, edit, and publish my Mastering Logix Applications course using the new simulator I'll be selling in at At $295, it's a great option for those without access to Studio 5000.

Over on the blog side I have a few articles I'm working on - another book review and one about the new USB option for my courses. Plus I have Brandon's second part of S7 to Logix to edit and schedule, and I'm happy to report he is working on a new series on the PV5500.

I also have meetings coming up with several vendors about coming on the Podcast, including Rockwell, ISA, SMC, Murr, ABB, and more. This should result in new episodes of the podcast coming in late May.

Once I get through the above - which I hope to complete by May 15th, I'll be back in the Studio full time filming new YouTube videos and course lessons for my new Ultimate courses.

We added 5.7K subs in the last two months, and I'm excited to grow that number this year (I dream of getting to 100K!)

First up will be some episodes of The Automation Minute - First Looks which among other things I'll be unboxing three new PLC Starter kits which vendors have kindly sent in.

Then comes The Automation Show episodes on SMC wireless, and then my first programs for Automation Direct and PLCnext plcs.

These will be followed by more first looks on Siemens and P&F hardware I've yet to cover, as well as several shows on using IOLink.

With all the hardware currently in house, I should have plenty to cover into the fall.

In-between shows I have seven more Wall Control panels to add to Studio A, which will likely require moving the existing panels as well, but that's for a future post ;-)

Have a great rest of your week!


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Hello guys,
I am beginner in factory talk.
I am using factory talk view Machine edition ver 11, and Panel view plus 7.
Currently i facing issues that my historical trend doesnt work anymore, back in a while I configure everything and working fine both in PC and HMI.
So i tried configure everything, datalog models and add in all the tags and enable the startup, also doenst working.
But when i runtime on my PC, the trend shows the past data, tho when i download to HMI, the trend disappear.
Any ideas ? Does anyone face this problem?

June 06, 2021

Panel view plus 600 went bad. Installed a pane view plus 6 600 in its place. Everything works fine but the none AB motor that was setup with KEPserver enterprise. Never worked with the kepware drivers so AB can communicate with the device (motor). How can I get the upgraded panel to communicate with the motor

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