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Emailing from PLCs no longer works

So I just spent a couple of hours trying to get some A-B PLCs to send emails, in the final result was for most users it will no longer work because they do not support TLS.

I tried the workarounds for both Office 365 and Gmail that folks previously used for old devices like Printers that didn't support TLS, but sadly it seems these old workarounds also no longer work.

It would have been cool if Rockwell could have released firmware updated for these products, but emailing from PLCs must no longer be of high demand and it's probably just better to try to use the functionality of HMI's to do it since they can be more easily updated!

That said, have a great Monday all!


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Hello guys,
I am beginner in factory talk.
I am using factory talk view Machine edition ver 11, and Panel view plus 7.
Currently i facing issues that my historical trend doesnt work anymore, back in a while I configure everything and working fine both in PC and HMI.
So i tried configure everything, datalog models and add in all the tags and enable the startup, also doenst working.
But when i runtime on my PC, the trend shows the past data, tho when i download to HMI, the trend disappear.
Any ideas ? Does anyone face this problem?

June 06, 2021

Panel view plus 600 went bad. Installed a pane view plus 6 600 in its place. Everything works fine but the none AB motor that was setup with KEPserver enterprise. Never worked with the kepware drivers so AB can communicate with the device (motor). How can I get the upgraded panel to communicate with the motor

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