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Hey everyone,

Just a quick post to wish you all a happy Friday and update you on some new videos I've just scheduled for release:

Mon 6/7: SITOP PSU6200 First look
Wed 6/9: Interview with Rockwell about CCW13

Mon 6/14: PLCnext unboxing and First look
Wed 6/16: IFM Temp Sensor first look

This one is done and edited, but not scheduled yet:
??? ??/??: Intro to Ethercat

I also have new interviews/podcasts schedule with Phoenix Contact, Siemens, and hopefully ISA again.

I'm also filming a new course called Mastering Logix Applications over the next few days and I'm hoping my new Suitcase trainer comes in soon as well!

That said, if you have topics you'd like to see me cover please leave them as a reply to this post,

Have a great weekend,


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Hello guys,
I am beginner in factory talk.
I am using factory talk view Machine edition ver 11, and Panel view plus 7.
Currently i facing issues that my historical trend doesnt work anymore, back in a while I configure everything and working fine both in PC and HMI.
So i tried configure everything, datalog models and add in all the tags and enable the startup, also doenst working.
But when i runtime on my PC, the trend shows the past data, tho when i download to HMI, the trend disappear.
Any ideas ? Does anyone face this problem?

June 06, 2021

Panel view plus 600 went bad. Installed a pane view plus 6 600 in its place. Everything works fine but the none AB motor that was setup with KEPserver enterprise. Never worked with the kepware drivers so AB can communicate with the device (motor). How can I get the upgraded panel to communicate with the motor

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